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National Honor Society


List of Prospective Members 2019-2020

The four ideals of the Society, scholarship, leadership, service, and character, serve as the basis for a student's selection as a member of the NHS; no one is inducted simply because of a high academic average. The Society recognizes the total student, one who excels in all areas.

The Strake Jesuit chapter requires that a National Honor Society prospective members maintain at least a 3.35 cumulative grade point average, perform at least sixteen service hours during the present academic year, attend all NHS meetings, and demonstrate outstanding achievements in the areas of leadership, service, and character. You must also continue to demonstrate the characteristics of the Strake Jesuit "Graduate at Graduation" as stated in Community Life. Your discipline record must also reflect your outstanding behavior in school. Your conduct in and out of school must be above that of an average Strake Jesuit student. For example, you are expected to get no more than 5 PHs in any given year and those can only be for minor infractions. Additionally, if you are failing a class, you may not be invited to be a part of the NHS.

Guidelines Regarding Hours

Given the guidance provided by the relevant health authorities, students should not engage in in-person service projects. Students may complete their service hours from home in the following ways:

  • Call nursing homes and ask if you can visit with residents over the phone or by video chat. Alternatively, ask if you can become an “email pen-pal” with a resident.
  • Contact your local elementary or middle schools to see if you can become an online tutor to students engaged in distance learning.
  • Visit the website of your local church, schools, or non-profit to find volunteer opportunities you can complete from home.
  • Share information about service opportunities with other Strake Jesuit students and receive credit for sharing what you did and how other students can do similar work.
  • Talk with your parents about ways you could safely complete service work from your home.
  • Any time spent calling potential service opportunities, or communicating with parents or other Jesuit students about how they can do similar service can be counted towards your service hour requirement.

Hours done with Jesuit faculty are usually reported directly to the moderator. Ask the faculty member to email the moderator.

Hours done at a Jesuit event are usually reported directly to moderator unless you are told to get verification of service hours. Remember to always sign in and out of the event with the adult in charge indicating your class year.

Hours done outside Strake Jesuit need to be verified by the original letter signed by the adult in charge on the organization’s letterhead (paper with organization’s logo). The letter must include the student’s grade level or graduation year, date of the project, and nature of the project. No pictures of the letter are admitted.

Hours cannot count for two different purposes. If they are being used for grade level service hours, confirmation, work grant, or key club, then they cannot be used for NHS

Hours that do not count:
* One’s own Eagle Scout Project
* Altar Serving done on Sundays or on Holy Days of Obligation
* You cannot split the hours earned in long term projects (a week long camp, mission trips, etc.) between NHS and some other organization (grade level hours, senior project, confirmation, etc.)

Tutoring hours only count if the tutoring is arranged by the NHS moderator.


The deadline for hours for seniors is April 30 and for underclassmen is the last day of Spring finals.

Selection Process
The process for joining the National Honor Society is as follows: At the beginning of the school year, sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.35 or above are notified that they are academically qualified for membership. Those interested become NHS prospective members. In January you will be asked to fill out a "Student Activity Information Form" (scroll to the top of this page for pdf and word versions of the document) where you will indicate the leadership positions you have held and the volunteering activities in which you have participated in your high school years. At the end of the third quarter, the National Honor Society Faculty Council will meet and consider you for membership. The Council will take in consideration all the areas mentioned in the above paragraph as well as evaluations from all of your current teachers. They will then make a decision on whether you will be granted membership into the Society.

All NHS prospective members who are selected for induction must attend a rehearsal on April 29, 2020, at 3:00 pm in the Parsley Center for about 90 minutes. Family members are invited to join them at the Induction Ceremony on April 30, 2020, at 6:00 pm in the Parsley Center. Please make sure that you put these dates on your calendar if you want to be a part of the NHS.

To help you understand more concretely what is expected of you, we present the following definitions for your consideration. According to the Crusader Chapter of the National Honor Society a student who exercises leadership:
* is resourceful in proposing new problems, applying principles, and making suggestions.
* demonstrates initiative in promoting school activities.
* exercises influence on peers in upholding the school ideals expressed in the "Graduate at Graduation" found in Community Life.
* contributes ideas that improve the civic life of the school
* exemplifies positive attitudes and inspires positive behavior in others.
* demonstrates academic initiative.
* successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility, demonstrating reliability and dependability.
* is a forerunner in the classroom, at work, and in school or community activities.

The student who demonstrates service:
* is willing to uphold scholarship and maintain a loyal school attitude.
* participates in some outside activities such as church groups, Boy Scouts, and volunteer services for the aged, poor, or disadvantaged.
* volunteers dependable and well-organized assistance.
* works well with others and is willing to take on difficult or inconspicuous responsibilities.
* cheerfully and enthusiastically renders any requested service to the school.
* does community and staff work without complaint.
* shows courtesy by assisting visitors, teachers, and students.
* willingly and cheerfully cooperates with teachers, administrators, and school staff.

The student of character:
* takes criticism willingly and accepts recommendations graciously
* consistently exemplifies desirable qualities of behavior such as cheerfulness, friendliness, poise, and stability to mention a few.
* upholds principles of morality and ethics.
* cooperates by complying with school regulations concerning property, programs, office, halls, etc.
* demonstrates the highest standards of honesty and reliability.
* shows courtesy, concern, and respect for others.
* manifests truthfulness in acknowledging obedience to rules, avoiding cheating, and showing an unwillingness to profit by the mistakes of others.

We feel that the NHS members make a positive difference in the lives of their peers and in the spirit of our school community. We are looking forward to your sharing in a productive year at Strake Jesuit.