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MAGIS, the student newspaper of Strake Jesuit College Preparatory, is a biweekly (Tuesday & Thursday) updated news site with daily updates on SJ sports and extracurriculars. Student authors and editors will continue to provide well researched articles in News, Sports, Arts and Features, and Opinions, and because of this new format will be able to stay much more up-to-date and contemporary in their coverage.

Yearbook - The Crusader: An upperclassman elective, the yearbook class provides students many opportunities to practice their academic skills and to apply their knowledge of diverse fields to solve real problems for real audiences through the production of The Crusader, the school annual. Consequently, the yearbook course draws upon English, mathematics, art, history, speech, writing, computer science, business, economics, and social skills to produce a professional-looking  and award winning book to serve the Jesuit community as a reference book, public relations tool, and history of the school year. In the fall semester staff organization, cover design, theme selection, layout preparation, typography, and copyrighting receive attention. In addition, photographers cover many campus events equipment provided by the school. Approximately fifty pages of the yearbook are due in December. The second semester consists of a concentrated effort to prepare the remainder of the yearbook on a demanding deadline schedule with the last work due early in June. Much work occurs outside of class. The course utilizes the many learning styles of students and offers visual, aural, tactile-kinetic learners the chance to participate in a team effort. Successful yearbook students must enjoy self-directed learning, teamwork, writing, and the visual arts.

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