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Senior Yearbook Portraits

For the yearbook, Strake Jesuit College Preparatory uses Dan Pepe Photography as the required photographer. A yearbook photo session will include seated photos with cap-and-gown, gown alone, and shirt-and-tie. Each member of the class of 2020 must schedule his own photo according to the information below. No other senior portraits can be accepted. The deadline to have a yearbook portrait taken is Friday, August 3, 2019.

Frequent Questions:

Q: When and where can yearbook portraits be taken?

Yearbook sessions are available on June 8, June 17, July 26, July 30, August 1, and August 2. Yearbook sessions will occur in the SJET studio (room 2302 in the Clay Atrium). Yearbook sessions are ten minutes long, and must be reserved in advance by visiting

Q: Is there any cost for having my yearbook pictures taken?

There is no cost for having your yearbook picture taken on the dates listed above. If you would like blemish retouching, the cost for editing is $10 and can be paid at the time of the shoot.

Q: Can I customize my photo session to include photos other than the three seated portraits?

You may choose to purchase a one-hour senior photoshoot, to be taken at Strake Jesuit or a location of your choosing. For these extra services, please use the link at or email for further information.

Q: What if a senior does not have his picture taken by August 3, 2019?

Because of yearbook deadlines and photographer availability, it’s very important to complete our photos by early August. On August 3, the school will email delinquent seniors with instructions to schedule their make-up yearbook photo. The make-up cost will be $30 per session. If a senior arrives at matriculation on August 14 without his photo having been taken, he will receive PH daily, including Saturdays, and will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities until the photo is scheduled and taken.

Q: What must seniors wear to the formal portrait?

Wear a collared shirt and tie.

Q: What about haircuts and shaving?

Students must follow Strake Jesuit’s policy in Community Life found on pages 49–50:

A student is to have neat, clean, properly combed hair of modest proportionate length, thickness, and style, and of the student’s own natural color. The following are not acceptable: streaked, bleached, grooved, lined, braided, or hair of such length that it extends below the top of the collar or, in some way, obscures a student's face. Extremes in style are to be avoided. Students are to be clean‐shaven each day. Sideburns may not be lower than the bottom of the ear. The Dean of Students Office is the final judge of what is acceptable.

If the student shows up on the day he is scheduled and is not within the Community Life guidelines, he may be turned away from his session at the discretion of the photographer. If the picture is taken and the Dean of Students or Yearbook staff has the opinion that the picture does not reflect adherence to the guidelines, the student will have to have the photo retaken and will receive a PH each day, including Saturdays, AND will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities until the photo is taken.

Q: How do I select the formal portrait I want to go in the yearbook?

Following your session, families will receive an email with a link to view proofs online. At that time, you can select any pictures you would like to purchase as well as select a “favorite” picture to be used for the yearbook. The yearbook selection must be with a gown and without a cap; if your selection does not meet this criteria, or if you never select a favorite picture, the yearbook staff will select the yearbook image on your behalf. The senior gallery can be found at

If you need additional information about the yearbook, or the senior responsibility to have yearbook pictures taken, please contact Mrs. Othon at If you need further clarifications about the logistics of photo sessions or time slots, please email Dan Pepe at