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SJET Video Sales

Two noteworthy events from the school year 2018–2019 will be produced to video by SJET.

You can purchase DVDs or digital downloads below. They will be shipped or emailed to you within a few weeks of the event.

The Junior Cross and Ring DVD product will include one DVD at $25, with shipping included.

The Graduation Exercises DVD product will include two DVDs at $35, with shipping included.

The digital download options will be emailed to your email address entered below. We do ask that you honor the work of the students and staff who created these videos by sharing them only within your own home. If you would like to send a copy of the digital video to family or friends, please purchase additional copies to reflect that.

Your purchases help SJET provide quality educational programming for its members, and internal communication for the school community. Thank you!

Video Sales - Purchase