Student Life - Special Events

Because praying for the dead and consoling the bereaved are essentials of the Christian life, students are invited to attend the memorial service of Mrs. Jolynn Swantkowski, father of Jack Swantkowski '21. (No students are required to attend.) 

The service will be held on Friday, November 15, at 11:00am, at St. Cecilia Catholic Church (11720 Joan of Arc Drive). Students will report to school busses outside the Clay Center at 10:00am. 

Students are expected to ride the bus both ways to and from the service, and the school busses will not stay for the reception planned after the funeral. If you need to make other arrangements, please make those separately with the Dean's office, according to regular procedures for absence and early dismissal.

Students will miss some class time, and should notify their second, third, and fourth period teachers before signing up. Students will probably be able to attend fourth period.

Students will have time to eat before they return to class. Please bring a lunch from home if possible, because the timing of our return is uncertain and the dining hall may be closing or closed.

Parents: please sign up below to provide permission for your son to attend.

Students: please notify and remind your parents to sign up. We can take signups until Friday morning, 9:00am. Please dress appropriately to the event: coat and tie are necessary, and muted colors are considered customary.

Let us all pray together for Mrs. Swantkowski, for our brother Jack, and for their family.

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